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10 tips for a healthy life

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Check out these and other tips of Nutri and let your life healthier!


There is no closed recipe for living a healthy life, but we can say that some attitudes are indispensable for those who want to live healthier lives. So today at Ninfa's blog we will know some of these tips:

Drink water

Water is essential to keep our body healthy and worked, so indicated is the consumption of 2 liters per day at least. Milk, coconut water and natural juices can help achieve that number, but preferably mineral water. Attention, soda does not count as water, see?

Nutrition Tips - Less Salt

less salt

Moderation in salt is not exclusive to those who suffer from pressure problems, the rule applies to everyone who wants to have a healthy life. Besides causing swelling in the legs, feet and belly, excess salt can cause more serious illness and harm the kidneys and the heart.

There are herbal options such as oregano and basil, which when combined can replace the action of salt in food.

powerful nuts

Nut-nut, cashew nuts and almonds are sources of fiber, iron, vitamin "E" and selenium! Moreover, they cause satiety without changing the level of insulin in the blood. But wait there, because everything has a limit, it is recommended maximum daily intake of 2 nuts-and-stop, 3 cashews, walnuts 2 and 5 almonds.
Choose only one of them a day, okay?

Nutrition Tips - Meal


The rush of day-to-day often makes the meals are made carelessly, or often even ignored, and this is a danger to health. Eat well from breakfast until dinner, without exaggerating the dishes - especially at dinner - but nothing to eat "like a bird" - especially at breakfast.

Exercises regularly

No way, the practice of exercises is essential for a healthy life. It can be a simple walk or a trip to the gym. The important thing is not to stop moving. Begin with 45 minutes to 1 hour, 5 times per week.

Nutrition Tips - A glass of wine a day

A glass of wine a day

A glass of wine is reportedly healthy, but, no exaggeration. Remember that too much alcohol can cause many physical and psychological problems, so if you tend to overdo the intake of this, it is best avoided.

Avoid excess sweets

Everything in excess is bad. Candy for more delicious they are, should be eaten in moderation, even if they are diets or lights. Excessive consumption of sugar is extremely harmful to health, so all is not careful.

With caution and moderation, so you can have a healthy life with simple actions.

To the next!

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